Booking Terms and Conditions, BAM MOTORSPORTS LTD

Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 “BAM”
In these terms and conditions “BAM” means “BAM Motorsports Ltd.”
1.2 “Client”
In these terms and conditions “Client” means the Client and/or any guest, employee, representative, agent or contractor of the Client who attends the Event or has a Ticket.


2.1 Binding Agreement
These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between BAM and the Client for the purchase by the Client of one or more Tickets and shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Client when the Client signs the booking form and emails or faxes this back to BAM.

The signing and returning of the booking form constitutes a binding contract, on which the Client is contracted to proceed with the purchase of tickets.

Tickets and Payment

3.1 Total Fee
(a) Full payment is due at the time the booking is made.
(b) Ticket prices as quoted may include handling, administration and delivery charges.

3.2 Issue of Tickets
BAM will be under no obligation to send any Tickets until the Total Fee has been received by BAM from the Client in cleared funds.

3.3 Ticket Dispatch
(a) BAM will endeavour to distribute the Tickets via DHL or secured post, approximately a week before the first day of the event.
(b) In circumstances where timing and logistics or BAM consider the delivery instructions unreliable and prevent delivery of Tickets by courier or post, BAM will ensure delivery to the Clients hotel or place of residence, if within 10 kilometres of the nearest City Centre or where appropriate, Circuit location.
(c) In circumstances where this is not possible, BAM will make the Tickets available by collection at a City Centre location or circuit venue prior to the event.
(d) No liability can be accepted by BAM for lack of delivery where the above procedures have been adhered to.
(e) A dispatch cost may be added depending on location and method of delivery.

3.4 Cancellation
(a) Once the booking form has been signed and returned to BAM, no refunds will be given in the event of cancellation from the Client.
(b) BAM will endeavour to resell the cancelled tickets on behalf of the client, but with no guarantee.
(c) BAM shall not be liable to give any refunds in the event of the motorsport event being cancelled or postponed. Refunds will be made only as and when they are made by the event organisers.

4. Client Acknowledgments

The Client acknowledges and accepts that:
(a) motor racing, the relevant Event and certain activities associated therewith (including without limitation, support races and support events and activities) are dangerous and that some personal risk may be involved in attending the Event and therefore attendance by the Client is entirely at their own risk.
(b) BAM has no control over the running of the motorsport event that we provide event tickets to, and as such cannot accept any liability for the actions or omissions of the circuit organisers or operators of the event and/or their servants, agents or employees. Our responsibly for the event ceases at the point of ticket delivery.
(c) BAM shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to, however caused, any property of the Client or any property within the possession of the Client.
(d) BAM does not provide any form of travel insurance within the cost of its hospitality packages and will not accept liability for claims or losses suffered by Clients whilst travelling.
(e) Any complaints must be registered both on the day and in writing to BAM within 7 days from the completion of the event. BAM will not accept any complaints after this period.


BAM is acting as intermediary and agent for suppliers in selling services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services which are not directly supplied by BAM such as hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, tickets, etc. BAM, therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. BAM shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses caused to any traveller in connection with terrorist activities, war, insurrection, social or labour unrest, mechanical or construction difficulties, diseases, local laws, climactic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other actions, omissions or conditions outside the coverage against them. Your retention of tickets, vouchers, or booking after issuance shall constitute consent to the above and an agreement on your part to convey the contents herein to your travel companions or group members.