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Formula 1 Paddock Club™


BAM Motorsports have been appointed Official Distributors of Formula 1 Paddock Club™ for over 10 years, therefore we can guarantee the best prices and officially sourced products for those wishing to experience the pinnacle of sporting hospitality from the best seats in the house.

For over 30 years, the Paddock Club has been in a class of its own. It’s an experience where you’ll go beyond behind the scenes. Where you can catch your own reflection in the cars. Hear from the great, good, and godly. See what it takes to build an untouchable team. Inside first class dining experiences from around the world. And around the corner. So intensely crafted you can taste the skill in every crumb, pinch and dash. Inside personally curated hospitality to suit every want, need and fancy.

All day. All three days, in fact.
This is F1, up close and personalised

In the Paddock Club™, you have a uniquely privileged vantage point above the team garages, with a clear view directly over the start and finish line and into the pit lane** watching every pit stop as they happen. Not to mention the chance to casually bump into an all-time great. Or an A-list celebrity.
It’s the only place you’ll have access to all this and more. Get ready to be inside everything F1.

You can join the Aramco Pit Lane Walk – an exclusive Paddock Club experience that gives you an unforgettable insight behind the scenes of Formula 1®. WHy not take a lap of an F1 circuit on the back of an open-top truck, where you’ll be guided by a former driver through every twist, turn and terrifying straight.

Immerse yourself, your way. Whether you’re a racing fanatic, or just along for the ride. Paddock Club offers a range of ways to get closer to the unfiltered essence of F1. You’ll find everything from racing simulators, to live music, to local cultural institutions like hockey in Canada or Kabuki dancers in Japan.

For those Paddock Club venues that are operated by the local promoter (Australia, Miami and Las Vegas), rather than Formula 1 themselves, we are currently unable to offer access to Paddock Club. However, you can register your interest for any of these events and we will be in touch if we are able to fulfill your requirements.

**The only difference is in Monaco, where the Paddock Club™ is located on the celebrated Rascasse Corner, with stunning views over the track.


Superlative views

You’ll take your seat opposite the start and finishing straight, directly above the pit lane - a totally unique view of the circuit from its most crucial point. The best seats in the house.

Track tours

Take a lap of an F1 circuit on the back of an open-top truck. You’ll be guided by a former driver through every twist,turn and terrifying straight. Expect a few track tales, too. It’s asphalt, up close. (Subject to availability)

Aramco F1® pit lane walk

Go beyond behind the scenes. Watch the teams prep and plan for the next session, live. With a unique chance to witness seamless teamwork and truly mind melting vehicles. So close you can reach out and touch them.

F1® drivers & ambassadors

Join interviews with current and future drivers, live and in person. Sit back. Be amazed.

F1® entertainment

You’ll find everything from racing simulators, to live music, to local cultural institutions like hockey in Canada or Kabuki dancers in Japan, to entertain you between the racing

First class catering

Every Paddock Club™ dining experience is carefully curated by world-class chefs, who craft global and local dishes with handpicked, market-fresh local ingredients.

All-day refreshments with open bar

Enjoy an all-day sparkling wine bar, plus early morning coffees to late afternoon aperitives - Paddock Club™ caters for everyone - all-day.



Designed for the most passionate F1 fans, alongside all the benefits of Paddock Club access, you will get even closer to the sport. Receive a single day access pass to the Formula 1® Paddock so you can explore behind the scenes at your own pace; watch the drivers and teams at work and gain a unique insight into the world of F1®.

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For a truly memorable encounter, experience the legendary Paddock Club™  as a valued guest of your favourite F1 Team.

Enjoy privileged access, the finest service, exquisite cuisine, open bar and breath-taking views of the racing that will redefine the Formula 1® weekend.

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As a boutique supplier of motorsport events and hospitality, BAM Motorsport has over three-decades of experience to deliver the experience.


Experience of cities, culture, the dos and don'ts which can enhance visitor experience, share knowledge, whether it's restaurant recommendations through to shopping tips.


400+ Grand Prix, multiple 24 Hours of Le Mans, Daytona, and other global events attended in many capacities.

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